About DH (1) Do 12th 14:00-15:00
Beyond patterns: Using digital methods to find and think about particularities Hieke Huistra, Bram Mellink
Preliminaries to a Digitally Carried Out Philosophy Niels-Oliver Walkowski
what are data? Paul Bertrand
Annotation Do 12th 14:00-15:00
LAF-Fabric: a data analysis tool for Linguistic Annotation Framework with an application to the Hebrew Bible. Dirk Roorda
There is no data like well-chosen data: Active learning for humanities data annotation Folgert Karsdorp, Peter Van Kranenburg and Antal Van den Bosch
Understanding film scholars’ annotation behavior: Supporting scholarship by enhancing online film annotations Liliana Melgar Estrada
Corpora Do 12th 15:30-16:50
Finding Syntactic Characteristics of Surinamese Dutch Erik Tjong Kim Sang
In Search for Patterns. Analyzing Syntactic Diversity in the Hebrew Bible Wido van Peursen
Patterns in Ragtime: A computational study in Digital Musicology Anja Volk and W. Bas De Haas
Crowdsourcing Do 12th 15:30-16:50
How to best chain humans and machines together: From image identification to crowdsourcing to the social graph of European integration Lars Wieneke and Marten Düring
Migration stories in a digital era. Participative and biographic collecting at the Red Star Line Museum Antwerp Marie-Charlotte Le Bailly
Telematic Resonance in Digital Performance: Choral Crowdsourcing Considered Cissie Fu
Vici.org: crowdsourced citizen science in the e-humanties René Voorburg
Linking Do 12th 15:30-16:50
Deep Mapping a Metropolis: ATLmaps’ Art, Planning, and Ice Brennan Collins and Ben Miller
Describing and explaining shifts in labour relations using a micro-macro approach Rombert Stapel and Richard Zijdeman
Digital Tools in Media History: Benefits of Interrelated Databases in Research on Magic Lantern Slides Sarah Dellmann
Dutch religious history digitally revised Fred van Lieburg
Portals & Platforms Do 12th 15:30-16:50
Access to data, The Soundbites collection of the Meertens Institute and a flexible approach to the curation and dissemination of humanities digital resources Douwe Zeldenrust
Chordify: Chord transcription for the masses Bas De Haas, José Pedro Magalhães, Dion Ten Heggeler, Gijs Bekenkamp and Tijmen Ruizendaal
Defragmenting Digitized Manuscripts Sources: A Unified Portal to Medieval Manuscripts Giulio Menna and Marjolein de Vos
Digital Dutch VOC Linguistic Archive: Modeling a social editing platform for historical linguistic research. Anna Pytlowany
Unstable data (1) Do 12th 14:00-15:00
Computer automated collation with CollateX and Python. Ronald Haentjens Dekker
Language adaptability and performance evaluation of historical text normalization tools VARD2 and TICCL Iris Hendrickx and Martin Reynaert
Towards a General Purpose Tagger-Lemmatizer for Pre-Modern Dutch Mike Kestemont, Guy de Pauw, Renske van Nie and Walter Daelemans

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