About DH (2) Fr 13th 9:15-10:15
Coding the Humanities Jan Hein Hoogstad and Marijn Koolen
DH, AIME and the philosophical inquiry Andrej Gogora
Digital Humanities in the classroom: Mapping strategies and possibilities for teaching computational methods in humanities curricula Stefania Scagliola, Fernie Maas and Els Stronks
Copyright Fr 13th 9:15-10:15
The great 20th-century hole: What the Digital Humanities miss Alastair Dunning
Authorship and authenticity in the visions of Elisabeth of Schönau Renske van Nie
Digital Humanities research and intellectual property rights: the case of The riddle of literary quality Tjeerd Schiphof and Karina Van Dalen-Oskam


Talking numbers? Toos Streng
Cross-culture Fr 13th 10:45-11:45
Melodic Segmentation Across Cultural Traditions and Styles Marcelo Rodriguez Lopez and Anja Volk
NER as a gateway drug to the Linked Data cloud: Application of Named-Entity Recognition on cultural heritage metadata Simon Hengchen, Max De Wilde and Seth van Hooland
Translator’s influences on Hitler’s Mein Kampf Aron Brouwer, Corina Koolen and Rens Bod
Emotion Fr 13th 9:15-10:15
CLiPS Stylometry Investigation (CSI) Corpus: A Dutch corpus for the detection of age, gender, personality, sentiment and deception in text Ben Verhoeven and Walter Daelemans
From sentiment mining to mining embodied emotions. Emotional Styles on the Dutch Stage, 1600-1830 Inger Leemans, Kristine Steenbergh, Herman Roodenburg, Erika Kuijpers
The Riddle of Literary Quality Project Corina Koolen, Kim Jautze and Andreas van Cranenburgh
Images Fr 13th 10:45-11:45
Patterns of reception: analyzing the artistic reception of early nineteenth-century British genre painting with phylogenetic systematics Sophie Kruijssen
The Text of the Document. Image-Text linking in the Beckett Digital Manuscript Project. Wout Dillen
Why Do People Stop and Look at Images? – Using big data to understand visual affordances – Ronald Hünneman and Floris de Jonge
Linked Data Fr 13th 10:45-11:45
Linking the STCN and Performing Big Data Queries in the Humanities Wouter Beek, Rinke Hoekstra, Fernie Maas, Albert Merono Penuela and Inger Leemans
Persistent identification: supporting digital humanities Alina Saenko
Talk of Europe – Linking European Parliament Proceedings Max Kemman and Astrid Van Aggelen
Names Fr 13th 10:45-11:45
An exploration of computational stylistics as applied to encyclopaedic and polemical literature Gunther Martens
Text Analytics for Detecting Dutch, German, and Allied Perspectives on Events at the End of the Second World War in the Arnhem-Nijmegen Region Antal van den Bosch and Marten Düring
Towards Extracting a Semantic Graph of Entities from Unstructured Text Ridho Reinanda, Vincent Traag, Jacky Hicks, Maarten de Rijke, Fridus Steijlen and Gerry van Klinken
Unstable data (2) Fr 13th 9:15-10:15
Digital Architecture and the Role of the Editor: Mapping Invention in Writing Elli Bleeker
Genetic Criticism and the Auto-Saved Document Thomas Crombez
Towards a digital edition of the Vierde Partie of the ‘Spiegel Historiael’: Preliminary theoretical and technical considerations Ulrike Wuttke

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