Please note: long papers are 30 minutes (including questions) and short papers are 15 minutes (including questions).

Parallel Session #1

Historical Research and Network Analysis I – Chair: Marten Düring

Long Paper Social Network Analysis of the League of Nations’ Intellectual Cooperation, an Historical Distant Reading  Martin Grandjean
Short Paper Multimodality in overdrive: a dynamic exploration of historical networks Pim van Bree, Geert Kessels
Short Paper EHRI: Holocaust Research in the Digital Age Conny Kristel, Martijn Eickhoff, Daan de Leeuw

Geo-humanities I – Chair: Christophe Verbruggen

Long Paper How Do GIS Improve Working With Religious Statistics Damien Thiriet
Short Paper Exploring cultural itineraries using social networks and geographic analysis: a Via Francigena use case of histograph Catherine Emma (Kate) Jones, Marta Severo, Daniele Guido
Short Paper RAT: A Referencing and Annotation Tool for Digitized Early Maps Winfried Höhn, Christoph Schommer

Digital Transformations I – Chair: Lars Wieneke

Long Paper you.can?( :read ) Joris J. van Zundert
Short Paper The Liège Game Lab: presentation of a young research center on videogames Björn-Olav Dozo et al.
Short Paper Mapping Digital Literature in Europe Giovanna Di Rosario
Short Paper How to rethink poetry with mobile devices and touch screens? Emmanuelle Pelard

“ScanRobot” and “Nainuwa”: presenting the scanning robot and virtual library system of Treventus – Chair:

Demo “ScanRobot” and “Nainuwa”: presenting the scanning robot and virtual library system of Treventus Max Kleiss, Treventus

Parallel Session #2

Digital Heritage and Material Culture – Chair: Tara L. Andrews

Long Paper Unlocking heritage data though a flexible data model and geo-application Berdien De Roo et al.
Short Paper Material Culture and Spaces of Remembrance: A Study of Cemeteries in Luxembourg in the Context of the Greater Region Christoph K. Streb, Thomas Kolnberger
Short Paper MEDEA: The Multidisciplinary Process of Setting Up A Crowd-Sourcing Platform for the Recording and Enriching of Archaeological Metal Detecting Data Pieterjan Deckers et al.

Digital Textual Analysis I – Chair: Mike Kestemont

Long Paper Mining XIXth century periodicals: an experimental toolbox Pierre-Carl Langlais
Short Paper The Ideal Corpus. Towards a Critique of Large Digital Libraries from a Digital Humanities Perspective Steven Claeyssens
Short Paper Quantifying the popularity of the British Illustrated London News in the Australian colonies using Trove, 1842-1872 Thomas Smits

Digital Arts and Culture I – Chair: Martijn Kleppe

Long Paper Cinema Parisien 3D: 3D Visualization as a Tool for Studying the History of Cinema-going Julia Noordegraaf, Loes Opgenhaffen, Norbert Bakker
Short Paper A Digital Application Project Allowing the Personalisation of the Museum Visit Céline Schall, Yannick Naudet

Reflections on Digital Humanities I – Chair: Gerben Zaagsma

Long Paper Invisible Interpretations: Intellectual History in the Digital Age Mark J. Hill
Short Paper Dimensions of Digital History Collaborations Max Kemman
Short Paper Research and Computational Practices: an Interdisciplinary Encounter. Technology ancilla philosophiae? Cristina Marras, Michela Tardella

Parallel Session #3

Digital Languages and Linguistics I – Chair: Marijn Koolen

Long Paper Compiling Tools and Resources for Studying of Luxemburgish Language and beyond Joshgun Sirajzade
Short Paper Topic Coherence for Dutch Janneke M. van der Zwaan, Maarten Marx, Jaap Kamps
Short Paper The Dictionary of the Flemish Dialects goes digital Jacques Van Keymeulen et al.

Digital Textual Analysis II – Chair: Steven Claeyssens

Long Paper Towards a Digital Hermeneutics? Interpreting the User’s Response to a Visualisation Platform for Historical Documents Florentina Armaselu, Catherine Jones
Short Paper Searching and analyzing large annotated text collections in Nederlab Hennie Brugman
Short Paper Entity Centric Historical Text Mining: a people-centric approach to modern Dutch religious history Mariona Coll Ardanuy, Maarten van den Bos

Reflections on Digital Humanities II – Chair: Sally Wyatt

Long Paper Diversity in Digital Humanities Barbara Bordalejo
Short Paper Implementing DH in university curricula: an undergrad’s view Jolan Wuyts

Digital Editions, Manuscripts and Inscriptions – Chair: Wout Dillen

Long Paper Codice Pelavicino: between digital edition and Public History Enrica Salvatori, Roberto Rosselli Del Turco, Chiara Alzetta
Short Paper Graph Database API for Variant Texts and Scholarly Editions Tara L. Andrews, Sascha Kaufmann
Short Paper What can Digital Humanities do for a neglected field in Humanities? A project about the Arabic Pauline manuscripts Claire Clivaz, Sara Schulthess, Martial Sankar
Short Paper Studying formulaic language in Latin inscriptions through Named Entity Recognition: two new Trismegistos databases Mark Depauw, Tom Gheldof

Parallel Session #4

Geo-humanities II – Chair: Catherine Jones

Long Paper New ways in onomastics: Digitised analysis and visualisation of the areal distribution of family names. The example of the onomastic landscape within the historical borders of Luxembourg. W. Amaru Flores Flores
Short Paper Toponym Resolution using a learning algorithm in Ancient Upper Mesopotamia Martin Unold, Christophe Cruz, Frank Boochs, Kai-Christian Bruhn

Digital Literary Analysis – Chair: Thorsten Ries

Long Paper Creating an extended author’s dictionary to support digital literary research Margit Kiss, Tamás Mészáros
Short Paper The Literary Surface: A Plea for the Use of Measurement in Narratological Analysis Kim Jautze, Roel Smeets
Short Paper Discovering an Encyclopaedic Novel: a case study in automatically analysing Harry Mulisch’s The Discovery of Heaven (1992) Leon van Wissen, Marieke van Erp, Ben Peperkamp

Digital Arts and Culture II – Chair: Saskia Scheltjens

Long Paper Evernote, Zotero and other tools: understanding art historians’ needs through their digital practice Christina Kamposiori, Claire Warwick, Simon Mahony
Short Paper Automatic Timeline Visualization of Paintings Tom De Smedt, Thomas Crombez, Lucas Nijs
Short Paper SMTP: Stedelijk Museum Text Mining Project Jeroen Smeets, Johannes C. Scholtes, Claartje Rasterhoff, Margriet Schavemaker

Digital Transformations II – Chair: Joris J. van Zundert

Long Paper From top-down education to convergence culture: the rise of a Transmedia Literacy Matteo Ciastellardi
Short Paper Multilingual Personality Profiling on Twitter Ben Verhoeven, Barbara Plank, Walter Daelemans

Parallel Session #5

Historical Research and Network Analysis II – Chair: Marten Düring

Long Paper Linking biographical data to study cultural networks in the Renaissance: the project ‘Prosopography in Network’ Sandra Toffolo
Long Paper Visualisation of the prosopography of Polish and German experts on Eastern Europe: Are non-computed data useable for visualisation? Estelle Bunout
Short Paper A new reading of primary sources via the digital analysis of social networks. ‘The Werner Committee and the debates on European economic and monetary integration’  Elena Danescu, Henriette Heimbach, Marten Düring, Daniele Guido

Digital Textual Analysis III – Chair: Demmy Verbeke

Long Paper The Measure of Middle Dutch: Rhythm and Prosody Reconstruction for Middle Dutch Literature, a Data-Driven Approach Wouter Haverals
Long Paper Authorship Verification with the Minmax Metric Mike Kestemont et al.
Short Paper Stylometry for medieval chronicles on the example of the “Kaiserchronik” Łukasz Gągała

Digital Languages and Linguistics II – Chair: Sally Chambers

Long Paper Converting Seventeenth-Century Dutch to Modern Dutch Erik Tjong Kim Sang
Long Paper A boost for the digital infrastructure for linguistics: the Taalportaal Ton van der Wouden


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