1 The curation of sound archives: the Dutch Dialect Database Douwe Zeldenrust
2 TheRiddlerBot: A next step on the ladder towards computational creativity Ben Verhoeven, Iván Guerrero, Francesco Barbieri, Pedro Martins, Rafael Pérez Y Pérez
3 MAGIS Brugge: a 16th-century bird’s-eye view on Bruges as a digital stage for public urban history Elien Vernackt, Bram Vannieuwenhuyze
4 A Lexicon of Scholarly Editing Wout Dillen
5 The Beckett Digital Manuscript Project and Beckett’s Personal Library Dirk Van Hulle, Vincent Neyt, Wout Dillen
6 Varieties in contemporary Dutch — combining the research possibilities offered by MIMORE and GrETEL Liesbeth Augustinus, Ineke Schuurman, Sjef Barbiers
7 Bridging Knowledge Collections: Integrating the museum and library systems at the Royal Museums of Art and History (RMAH), Brussels Ellen Van Keer
8 Analyzing the Dutch-Asiatic Trade in the 17th and 18th centuries by using a spatial and quantitative approach Erik van Zummeren, Robert-Jan Korteschiel
9 Iter Community: Enabling Social Bibliography and User Project Creation Shawn Dewolfe, Matthew Hiebert, Daniel Sondheim
10 Specifying a system for collaborative online scholarly editing Peter Robinson
11 Visualizing the Dutch Folktale Database Iwe Everhardus Christiaan Muiser, Mariet Theune
12 Visualizing medieval book production: Data visualization in medieval manuscript studies Giulio Menna, Marjolein de Vos
13 The possibilities and challenges of using linked data for academic research: the case of the Talk of Europe project Laura Hollink, Martijn Kleppe, Max Kemman, Astrid van Aggelen, Willem Robert Van Hage
14 Mapping urban multilingualism through Twitter Enrique Manjavacas, Ben Verhoeven
15 Transnational comparative research on late and post-colonial architecture and town planning Pauline K.M. van Roosmalen
16 Ebacs: a Minimalistic Conference Manager Chris Emmery
17 A Digital Scholarly Edition for Historians – the Case of Matthew of Edessa Tara Andrews
18 Towards a digital research infrastructure for classical Ethiopic Cristina Vertan
19 Nederlab, online laboratory for humanities research on Dutch text collections Hennie Brugman
20 A Preview of CENDARI: a Digital Research Infrastructure Stijn van Rossem, Kathleen Walker-Meikle

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